BREXIT: A Climate of Political Uncertainties

The referendum in Britain to exit from the European Union revealed how an extended caveat of global warming – Syrian refugee crisis has indebted to the death knell for European Union’s stability as a united bloc. The refugee crisis in Syria was aggravated by the prolonged droughts in the region, devastating the core sector of […]

Leaders Roll Up Sleeves on Climate, but Experts Say Plans Don’t Pack a Wallop

An airport hangar outside Paris shook with cheers, toasts and foot-stomping in December as diplomats ushered a landmark climate agreement into existence. On Friday morning, world leaders will gather again at the United Nations for a grand ceremony to sign the document. But can they deliver on their promises to fight global warming? After a […]

Can we accurately gauge the impact of climate change on extreme weather?

While scientists have long avoided attributing specific extreme weather events to changes in global climate, a recent report suggests that some of these events can be attributed to climate change with a high degree of confidence. The report, from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, marks the first time that scientists have tried […]

Trump at the UN: What to watch for in address to General Assembly

New York, NY – As the UN gathers itself in New York, diplomats could be heard chatting about POTUS’ first speech to the General Assembly as a myriad of issues/conflicts seem to gather pace. Just a refresher, on what Trump thinks about the UN: The United Nations has such great potential but right now it […]

Modi at G20: Highlights from Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany – Prime Minister Modi arrived in Hamburg during the late hours of July 6th for the 2017 G20 summit. This annual summit sees world leaders addressing and discussing issues pertaining to the economy, trade, markets, among others. Founded in 1999, G20 has been an important platform for the world’s emerging economies. It represents […]

Highlights and Analysis from Modi and Trump meet

Washington – President Trump and Prime Minister Modi delivered a joint-statement in the Rose Garden on the future of Indo-US relations on Monday evening. As Modi tried to establish a personal equation and a working relationship with the newly elected President, the Prime Minister seemed to have enjoyed this ‘perfect meeting of minds’ as the […]

Modi and Trump meet: What and what not to expect

Washington – Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally landed in Washington during the late hours of Sunday. What also followed was an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Modi revisited his earlier trip to the US, which was surrounded by great fanfare and an address to a joint-session of the US Congress. A new relationship that […]

A New U.S. Approach to Pakistan: Enforcing Aid Conditions without Cutting Ties

The new Trump Administration must review its policies toward Pakistan in order to more effectively contain, and eventually eliminate, the terrorist threats that continue to emanate from the country. The activities and operations of diverse terror groups on and from Pakistani soil, and the government’s failure to rein them in, threaten vital U.S. national security […]

Space the Final Frontier for India Military Modernization Push

In the wake of increasing tensions in South Asia, India is laying the ground work for the formation of a space command to give it a military edge. India is actively expanding its satellite program over the last three years to enable long-distance communication for soldiers in the field, cross-border surveillance, and precise military tactics/strategies. […]