Full STEM Ahead Science, Technology, and Mathematics, or STEM, is one of the most important fields in the world today. With the advent of the internet and other emergent technologies, we have seen great innovation and progress on how we conduct ourselves and make decisions in the market. Indians, among other immigrants, particularly from Asia, have […]

Highlights and Analysis from Modi and Trump meet

Washington – President Trump and Prime Minister Modi delivered a joint-statement in the Rose Garden on the future of Indo-US relations on Monday evening. As Modi tried to establish a personal equation and a working relationship with the newly elected President, the Prime Minister seemed to have enjoyed this ‘perfect meeting of minds’ as the […]

Twenty-Five Years of Indian Economic Reform

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Economic reforms that began 25 years ago have transformed India. What used to be a poor, slow-growing country now has the third-largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world with regard to purchasing power parity and is projected to be the fastest-growing major economy in the world in 2016 (with 7.6 percent growth […]

Would More Government Infrastructure Spending Boost the U.S. Economy?

President Donald J. Trump has promised to induce $1 trillion of new public and private investment in infrastructure over the next decade. He believes that strategy will be beneficial both for short-run, macroeconomic reasons (it will stimulate the economy) and for long-run, microeconomic reasons (it will improve productivity). This paper assesses both sets of reasoning, […]

HRW – Stifling Dissent: The Criminalization of Peaceful Expression in India

When it comes to democracy, liberty of thought and expression is a cardinal value that is of paramount significance under our constitutional scheme. —Supreme Court of India, Shreya Singhal v. Union of India, March 24, 2015. Summary Freedom of expression is protected under the Indian constitution and international treaties to which India is a party. […]

Indonesia’s most wanted Islamist militant ‘killed in shootout’

Abu Wardah Santoso, Indonesia’s most wanted Islamist militant was one of two killed in a shootout on Monday. This was labelled a massive counterterrorism victory for the government’s security forces. Under Santoso’s leadership, the East Indonesia Mujahideen claimed allegiance to ISI in 2014, and have eluded authorities for almost 5 years. They have been mostly […]

Awaiting the ruling on South China Sea

The contending states in the South China Sea disputes are awaiting the verdict of the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration this month. The case was brought by the Philippines primarily concerning the legality of China’s “Nine-dash line”, a map inherited from the Nationalist period that claims almost 90% of the South China Sea. The Spratly […]

India Is Cutting Oil Deals Worldwide

Prime Minister Modi came under massive pressure when the global community was busy posing sanctions on Iran. Now that relations between the Iran and the world have softened, Iran has prioritized expanding relations with nations that stood by its side during that turmoil, according to Tehran-based political analyst Mostafa Khoshcheshm. Having signed a deal with […]