Our Agenda


A wise man once said, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Our beliefs could not be more appropriately outlined. IAC’s dedicated founders, leaders, and staff are guided by this thought. IAC approaches real-world challenges with a different lens – a lens of empowerment. Many of our programs are designed to equip individuals, especially from inner cities and from immigrant communities, with the tools and skills that they will require to achieve success. With the abundant opportunity that floats around in the US, the unemployed desire economic freedom and a way to contribute. IAC believes it to be its duty to empower such individuals, irrespective of their background, and enables people to live free, independent lives.


The rule of law and the protection of property rights are foundations for freedom, justice and security and flourishing economies. IAC has created a platform for engaged discussions on meeting the challenges of the 21st century and addressing real and emerging threats to citizens, commerce and the economy as a whole.

On the security front, IAC is hosting strategic forums through its alliances with leaders in India, US and Europe. Experts are focusing on cyber-security issues, counter-terrorism responses and successful security measures, highlighting experiences and principled policies implemented in different nations, which will augment India’s efforts in preventing terrorist acts on India and the US’ respective sovereign territories.

The security of India and the United States is vital to growth and productivity in a competitive region, and for the proposed free trade agreements with Europe, engaging both nations. Addressing the Balkan Route’s $20 billion illicit trade of heroin per year from Afghanistan to Europe (via the Balkan region and EU’s new member states) which finances terrorism and terrorist groups including Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and other groups is a priority for all – India, the US and Europe. India’s security is fundamental for the security of free and democratic nations in Asia and the world.


IAC calls for a bold new India-US Free Trade Agreement – a 21st century liberalization of commerce, trade and investments, with the following key components:

• Elimination of all import and export duties between the two nations;
• Opening up public procurement;
• And, the creation of a unique, single market with the free movement of labor – (salaried and non-salaried workers), goods and services, investments, and unrestricted capital flows.

IAC believes economic freedom is indispensable to political freedom and prosperity. Higher levels of economic freedom result in higher GDP per capita, larger investments, greater entrepreneurial activity, reduction of poverty, improved infrastructure, environmental performance – cleaner economies, better health and improved access to education. Empirical research from leading think tanks, the World Bank’s Doing Business Report, International Monetary Fund, Economist Intelligence Unit, United Nations’ reports, Global Financial Integrity, Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, and research on demography affirm the importance of economic freedom and its significant correlation to prosperity.

IAC and its partners in India and the US are advancing a strategic educational and civil society initiative by presenting the Index of Economic Freedom, co-published by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal and other pertinent global studies with an emphasis on encouraging competition for principled reforms for the respective states within India and the United States. India’s engaged diaspora is a major stakeholder for improving economic freedom in India and the USA.

IAC hosts events and publishes reports on strategic steps for states and government agencies within India and the US. The accountability and transparency initiative is aimed to bolster free trade and competition thus ensuring a level playing field for entrepreneurs and private initiatives.

IAC fulfills its mission and vision by engaging the Indian diaspora in North America and Europe along with India’s stakeholders. This initiative is aimed to succeed in its task through a collaborative endeavor – supported and strengthened by leaders of Indian origin, including entrepreneurs, business and media leaders, and friends of India from all backgrounds.