Government Shutdown ends after 69 hours

WASHINGTON – President Trump signed a bill in the late hours of Monday reopening the government and ending a 69-hour exhibition of partisan politics and political dysfunction. Democrats relented for assurances that the Senate will soon take up the plight of ‘dreamers’ and other contentious issues.

This prompted a backlash from immigration activists and liberals expected Democrats to resist for longer. Almost 700,000 young immigrants, who were brought here illegally as children, can be affected by this legislation.

There is no doubt that although a deal has been reached (temporarily), there were huge divides on the Republican side. Red lawmakers differed over strategy of proposals that would make these 700,000 retain/regain status.

As per the agreement, Democrats provided enough votes to pass the stopgap spending measure keeping the government open until Feb. 8. Senate leader Mitch McConnell agreed to resume negotiations over the future of dreamers, border security, military spending and other budget debates. Such a short-term spending measure, riddled with bipartisan issues, may only mean a stalemate three weeks from now.

While the White House claims that Democrats caved under pressure, President Trump is adamant that only a deal “good for our country” shall be struck. While the Republicans hope that their partners in crime on the Left will take the heat for the shutdown(s), this immigration issues (coupled with other related factors) continues to remain unsolved.

Trump accused the Democrats of prioritizing services and security for non-citizens and of pandering to the far left base. On the other hand, the Democrats initially dug in on a demand for an immigration deal. They also shifted to blaming the shutdown on the incompetence of Republicans and Trump.

This feels much like a ticking time bomb that is being passed around the Capitol in an ignorant haste. While the Left tries to remain sensitive to the rights and status of these illegal alien children, the President and the Right is prioritizing law and its application.

Indeed, 3 weeks from now another shutdown only seems inevitable. Until a comprehensive law is passed that solves this immigration issue, the Capitol will continue to struggle from future shutdowns.

Source: AP. Image courtesy: PoliticoThis news summary is compiled and published by the IndoAmerican Center staff.