IndoAmerican Heritage

The Indo-American Heritage project intends on capturing, acknowledging and celebrating Indian history and the supreme success enjoyed by Indian Americans in a capitalistic America. With an aim to strengthen the relationship between India and America in the modern world, we wish to accredit our ancestors who paved the way for Indian Americans and simultaneously engrained themselves in the history books.

In conventional western thinking, “India” charms the mind with vivid colors, flamboyant saris, a rich assortment of spices, and polytheism. Flaunted as the largest democracy in the world, India defines being a true anomaly, where people of various faiths, races, and color come together and aspire to surpass the achievements of their past generations. In essence, ‘capitalism’ dictates the lives and tribulations of the Indian people.

It is, hence, no surprise that India and the United States share a vast collection of interests. These resemblances have propagated collaborations in the public and private sectors, diminishing Indian stereotypes and welcoming 3.3 million Indian migrants, who positively contribute to the economy.

Indian Americans have made a name for themselves in numerous fields. They are respected as leading educators, elected/civil officials, innovators, entrepreneurs, and musicians; in literature, medical sciences, and the media industry. Moreover, Indian migrants are proud small-business owners, who function as vital cogs in the American economy, generating jobs and participating in extensive philanthropic initiatives.

For these reasons, not only is ‘India’ fondly perceived in the American landscape – whether it is the vibrant dynamism seen in Bollywood fans, or the sincere fitness enthusiasts carrying their yoga mats – it has become synonymous with invention, progress, and lifestyle in the ‘New World’. From New York City to Silicon Valley, from Washington DC to Seattle, Indian Americans have helped shape America to what it is today.

The Indo-American Center wishes to bring forward and elevate certain unique individuals for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the global economy. By considering their arrival and their rise, the Indo-American Center intends on dedicating these legends with their own deserved part of history.

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