Trump at the UN: What to watch for in address to General Assembly

New York, NY – As the UN gathers itself in New York, diplomats could be heard chatting about POTUS’ first speech to the General Assembly as a myriad of issues/conflicts seem to gather pace.

Just a refresher, on what Trump thinks about the UN:

He also remarked:

Trump is expected to give a scripted speech from a teleprompter on Tuesday. This could reminiscent of his speeches in Warsaw and Saudi Arabia from earlier this year. But tensions boiling in the Korean peninsula; the Iran nuclear deal in the balance; and, Trump’s lingering decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement, this address holds heavy weight. The UN also plays a central role in mediating trade/global relations and in the protection and movement of refugees. These dynamics may also be worth looking out for.

The address is scheduled to tentatively begin at 10:15 AM EDT. You can watch it live below:

Image courtesy: The Hill. Media Courtesy: The White House.